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There is a few Factors to Consider when Buying a Backup Camera for Your Vehicle…



Safety first. Nobody likes accidents. Clearly, the most obvious benefit of a rear-facing camera is that it helps avert injury and potentially and accidents by expanding your field of vision, particularly below the rear window or trunk level. There’s no better time to install a rear-view camera than when you’re already installing a new stereo in your dash.



Before you start shopping for backup parking camera kit, it is advisable to consider the amount you are willing to pay on the parking assist system. This is important as it gives you a clear picture of what you should expect. For instance, there are some backup camera systems cost below ‚ā¨100 and there are others that cost below ‚ā¨400 or more. While this is the case, it is ideal to note that vehicle camera systems are noted in regard to the monitor screen size, brand, the mounting style for the camera, the viewing angle and the light performance level,¬† the type of vehicle where you want to install the camera system.



A wireless backup camera to be the best backup camera because it has the advantage of only having to install a monitor/receiver, install a camera/transmitter, and connect everything to power to begin using it. The camera/transmitter is usually wired into the reversing lights. This gives it power and lets it activate the reversing camera system anytime the vehicle is put into reverse.


A Wired backup cameras require running a long video cable from the backup camera to the display monitor in the front.

Specially for extra long Van & Trucks is definitely better to get a wireless camera kit if it’s possible. They are more expensive, but as advantage it is take a less time to install. Less time = less money to pay to the installer. Also, now there is an option available to buy extra wireless camera transmitter for your camera and wired into the reversing lights as normal wireless camera.



This is the defining feature for most rear-view cameras. It can be done in several ways, so please take at look at the rear of your vehicle before you select a camera. Here are the mounting styles to consider:

1.License plate mounting

Some cameras fit into a matching license plate frame while others take the more universal approach with a strap mount. This strap-mounted rear-view cam fastens over your license plate using the existing screws.

2.New licence plate with built-in backup camera

The Simply way how to install your backup camera and don’t take an extra space. Swap your old licence plate for a new one with built-in camera.

3.Lip mounting

If you have an inset area on the rear of your car, chances are you can use an angled lip-mount camera.

4.Bracket mounting

This style takes the most universal approach, providing an adjustable bracket that lets you mount your camera wherever you see fit.

5.Vehicle-specific mounting – Break Light Cameras

Some cameras replace or fit into factory parts for a near-perfect match to your vehicle. Be sure to enter your vehicle information to see if there’s an option for your vehicle. The Break Light Reverse cameras¬† are the most suitable option for vans.




Extra benefit is if your car has reverse parking sensors. It’s Very useful Technology. It’s like real parking assistant with you at all the time when you parking your car. Ultrasonic parking sensors use high-frequency sound waves to detect objects behind a car. That reflect off of nearby objects. A receiver detects the reflected waves and calculates the distance from your vehicle to the object.¬† There is availability to buy licence plate built-in camera with 2 parking sensors on the sides which is the easiest way to install camera and sensors in one.


There’s no better time to install a rear-view camera than when you’re already installing a new stereo in your dash.

If you need any advice when you considering to buy your new backup parking camera contact us we are always happy to help.




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