Are Battery Booster Packs Worth It?

Dead car batteries are a common problem that every car driver sooner or later faces.

Everyone sometimes forgets to turn off the headlights when exiting the car and as a result, the battery drains and the car won’t start. Modern cars have a number of digital devices which, if not turned off, can drain the car’s battery. Another common problem is that the older batteries discharge quickly with cold temperatures.



Car Battery Death Ireland


The common practice for solving a dead battery is to find help from another vehicle using jumper wires. Unfortunately, this method is not a safe option, especially for modern vehicles. Modern vehicles have a lot of digital equipment. Jump-starting a vehicle this way can be dangerous, as it can create a voltage surge which can damage the expensive electrical devices in either vehicle.

A better alternative is to use a Battery Booster Pack.



A Battery Booster Pack is an excellent addition to your car’s or truck’s essential equipment. It will give you the peace of mind to get back on the road quickly, but it will also offer you power on the go for your electronic devices. They are very easy to use, just clip on, wait a bit, and then start your engine. They are small and fit into every vehicle.  They are also easy to share with others without risking your own vehicle’s electrical system. Most units offer extra safety features such as flashlights, beacons, etc.

Like most things in life, not all jumper packs are equal. Oftentimes some of them will not have enough power to turn your engine. So be sure to check if the pack you are buying is adequate for your vehicle. Booster packs also lose charge over time, so it is necessary to check the charge every few months. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery and a dead battery jumper!


We recommend that if you do go the booster pack route you take it out of the package, read the directions, and test it out in advance.

Here at Carradio, we offer a wide range of Booster packs for your favourite metal pets.