FM Transmitter Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit 360 rotatable Car MP3 Audio

Car Bluetooth Receiver or also called a Car Bluetooth Speaker, FM Transmitter Leave a comment

Car Bluetooth FM Receiver or also called a Car Bluetooth Speaker, FM Transmitter

Did you ever want to stream music from your phone in your car ? Or receive calls without holding the phone while driving, but also didn’t want to spend a lot of money?

There is a device which will do both for less money. What is it ? Or how can you use it ? If you have a similar question let’s see how this device can brighten your day.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter FM Transmitter Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit 360 rotatable Car MP3 Audio

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As your first question might be ,,Can you add Bluetooth to a car that doesn’t have it?”

If your current vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity but your smartphone or tablet does, YES you can add the technology to any car. The Bluetooth Car FM transmitters are designed to work with a wide range of vehicles as long as they are equipped with a cigarette lighter and a radio. If you have an older car without Bluetooth capabilities, these devices can prove to be especially useful as they give you a lot more freedom when it comes choosing audio.

What is the Universal Car Bluetooth FM Receiver?

The Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two compatible devices to communicate. In the car, it lets you operate a mobile phone “hands-free,” meaning you don’t have to hold the device while making or taking a call or you can play music from your phone.

The Car Bluetooth Receiver is an electronic device that transmits data to another Bluetooth device wireless-ly. Another device might be the speaker receives the signal, music continues to play in car speakers instead of phone.

Having the Car Bluetooth transmitter is a nice way to listen to your radio and other music without any signal degradation.

A Bluetooth Car Receiver is a simple, cheap and wireless solution to the problem which only requires you to plug in the device to your car’s cigarette lighter and pair it with your smartphone or other devices. 

How do you connect a Bluetooth receiver?

Plug the power adapter into your car’s cigarette lighter. Set your radio on the same frequency the adapter is producing (107.5MHz ). The kit wirelessly connects to your phone and relays everything from phone to radio signal.


The better one of the Bluetooth Car Receivers has a microphone built-in with the device to capture your voice. Whenever this device routes the calls from your phone, the device is working as an independent Bluetooth audio system that works with built-in mic and car audio speaker system. Now You will be able to answer the calls without touching your phone while driving.

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