8″ Car Universal Headrest Monitor USB/SD card reader


Car Universal Headrest Monitor


Car Universal Headrest Monitor


1.The HD 8 inch LCD monitor display screen with 800*480 resolution,details are exquisite, work stable and anti-jamming, bright saturation image and high color reduction give you a pleasant visual enjoyment.
2.Brightness of display can be adjusted.During the day, you can adjust the brightness of the screen for viewing. In the  night, you can reduce the brightness to  protect the eyes. (In different environments, choose the brightness that suits you and protect your eyes).
3.Can enjoy the movie in a way that you would never have experienced in your car before.
4.You can adjustable picture, brightness, contrast, and volume.
5.Universal Vehicle Accessory! Whatever model you own , this high quality display can be used in a multitude of vehicles.
6.This product  is perfect for long road trips. It provides you with an entertaining audio and video experience.
7.Powered by connectting to the cigarette lighter.


1.Screen dimensions : 8 inch.
4.Video:two way video input.
6.Working Temperature: 0 to 80 degrees C (32 to 176 F).
7.Storage Temperature: -10 to 80 degrees C (14 to 176 F).
8.Housing Material: ABS.


1.Professional are recommended.
2.Can read the SD car.
3.Support 1 Video Input.
4.Support 2 speakers.
5.Support MP5.
6.Support USB socket.
7.Support phone charger.
8.Support FM (FM is an audio transmitter.).
9.When you use your smart phone to play the music or MP5, please turn off the FM.
11.Support: IR (Wireless data transmission).
12.Support Cigarette lighter.
13.Support 1 Audio output.
14.Support Bluetooth.

Packing Includes:

1x 8 Inch Car Monitor.
1x User Manual.
1x Remote Controller.
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