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ABSAAR 12V Battery Charger & Tester 11 Amp


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ABSAAR 12V Battery Charger & Tester


Out of stock

ABSAAR 12V Battery Charger & Battery Tester 11 Amp

  • fully automatic battery charger / battery charger with maintenance charging mode
  • prevents your battery from being overcharged by switching to trickle charge mode
  • with integrated battery tester
  • LED display
  • Effective charging power 11 A.
  • Battery charger with a high safety standard
  • robust, powder-coated metal housing
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overload protection and short-circuit proof
  • Isolation protection
  • Test voltage 4 KV
  • Transformer protected against overcurrent and overheating
  • suitable for 25 Ah – 120 Ah batteries
  • Certification mark: RoHS
  • the charging process does not have to be interrupted manually after the battery has been fully charged, but automatically switches to maintenance mode
  • suitable for standard batteries (lead acid), AGM batteries and GEL batteries
  • charges in <10 hours
  • AB-12V/11A-AUTO
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