DURITE 140W 12V Mini Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter


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DURITE 140W 12V Mini Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter 0-856-00

Durite 12V DC 140W ‘Mini Can’ modified sine wave inverter.

  • Protected against overload, over-temperature, low battery and short circuit.
  • It is supplied with one standard UK three-pin socket outlet, on/off switch, USB port rated at 1A and a cigarette plug with 80cm of cable.
  • Battery polarity protection by a fuse.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Soft start.
  • The Durite 140W inverter can be used for radio/stereo, laptop, televisions and small power tools.


  • Length: 240mm.
  • Width: 138mm.
  • Height: 76mm.


DC Input 10V to 15V DC
AC Output 230V AC
Output Frequency 50Hz
Output Waveform Modified Wave
Continuous Output Power 140W
Surge Output Power 280W
Efficiency 85 Percent
Regulation ± 5 Percent
No Load Current Less than 0.45A
Battery Low Voltage Alarm 10 ± 0.5 Vdc
Battery Low Voltage Shutdown 9.5 ± 0.5 Vdc
Overtemp Protection 60℃ ± 10℃
Outlet Standard UK 3-pin 230V socket
Cooling Fan No
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Dimensions 160mm x 70mm x 70mm
Net weight 428g

Application Chart

The application chart (shown below) is meant as a guide only, shown here for you to assess whether the stated wattage above is suitable for your application, individual applications must be checked for their power requirements. Not all electronic products will work with a modified wave inverter, for example; laptop computers, battery chargers and fluorescent lighting, pure sine wave inverters are recommended for these sensitive electronic devices. If you are unsure of any of these factors, seeking out a Professional Auto Electrical Engineer for a ‘First Time Installation’ could actually save you money.

Equipment Guide 125W 250W 500W 1000W 1500W 2200W 2500W 3000W
Radio – Laptop – LED/LCD Television
Video – Fax Machine
Small Power Tool – 500W Halogen Lamp
Drill – Coffee Maker – Hair Dryer
Microwave Oven (600W +) – Kettle
Large Power Tools
Small Fridge – Freezer
Electric Heater – Sauna Stove
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