70MAI 12V 18000mah/1000A Peak Jump Starter Max Battery Power Bank Real 18000mah Booster Battery


70MAI 12V Jump Starter Max Battery Power Bank Real 18000mah Booster Battery


Ultra Powerful Bank for Any Vehicles                       

70mai can start all 12V vehicles up to 8.0L-gasoline and 3.5L-diesel engines, which is perfect for cars, vans, pickup trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

aliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_03Jump start a 100% dead battery in seconds                          

18,000mAh Battery Capacity

1000A Peak Currentaliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_04aliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_05
Safety & Smart Design             
Eight intelligent functions to ensure the safety of users and to protect the unit from damage.aliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_06
Cold Weather Capability              
Never worry about the dead vehicle battery problem in the cold winter any more.aliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_07aliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_08
Double Power Bank for Devices & Accessories                   
It can be used to charge your smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices.
It can also power a number of accessories in the car with its12-volt power outlet.aliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_09Helpful LED Light in the Dark        
The flashlight is bright enough and effective enough to help you jump start the dead battery.aliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_10aliexpress-应急电源max-pc960-2_11
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