KEETEC GPS Sniper – Car GPS Tracker / GSM Pager


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Vehicle GPS Tracking System

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KEETEC Car GPS Tracker SNIPER (car,van,truck,mashinery)

Keetec GPS Sniper has been designed as an optimal system for locating and protecting the vehicle from unauthorized use. Integrated back-up battery and tilt sensor enable to indicate attempts to tow away the vehicle and provide functionality of the system even after disconnecting battery. Full control of the vehicle is achieved through the user-friendly Android/iOS mobile application or SMS commands. Modern algorithm evaluates possible use of a GSM signal jammer and ensures that the vehicle is protected against the most modern ways of stealing cars. Possibility of connection with a factory or aftermarket car alarm, thus keeping the vehicle under control.

Car GPS Tracker Specifications

Homologation EHK 10 accepted by insurance companies.

Autonomous operation even after disconnecting battery.

Tilt sensor for tow away & wheels protection.

Position of vehicle on Google maps.

Control via iOS/Android mobile app or SMS commands.

GSM anti-jamming protection (alarm triggered and engine blocked).

Overspeed limit alert.

Optional connection to secondary device (independent heating, seat heating).

Can be connected with the other car alarm system.

24/7 access, no monthly fees.

For GPS locator functionality is required valid SIM card (not included).