KENWOOD-CMOS-320 Universal multiview Camera for front and rear Installation


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KENWOOD-CMOS-320 Universal Multiview Camera for Front and Rear Installation

Universal multiview camera for the front and rear installation

The Kenwood CMOS-320 is a versatile CMOS colour camera that is ideally suited as a front and rear view camera: With selectable views, it always provides a complete overview of the rear and front via the monitor and thus a high level of safety. Other camera advantages are its tiny dimensions and the waterproof housing.
Thanks to a CMOS chip, the camera has a high light sensitivity, which enables short exposure times and ensures reasonable image quality even in twilight. In addition to the normal or mirror image display, the CMOS-320 offers five other views: Wide, Extra Wide, Overhead, Picture-in-Picture and Corner.

The view is selected using the supplied cable remote control or one of the new Kenwood monitors. In addition, Kenwood’s multi-view camera has an extensive set menu for the auxiliary lines displayed in “wide”, “extra wide” and “overhead” mode. For better orientation and more accurate distance estimation, the user can use this to adjust the distance, width and angle of the lines to his needs. The scope of delivery includes a bracket with flexible installation options.

Technical specifications
1/3.6 rear view camera with high light sensitivity and color reproduction
Waterproof housing
Viewing angle: horizontally about 195 degrees, vertically about 145 degrees
Video output signal: 1 Vpp/75 ohm NTSC
Separate video ground line to improve the signal/noise ratio
Power supply integrated in the camera
No connection required for reversing sensor
Camera connection cable (1.5 m) Video connection (6, 5 + 1 m)
Max current consumption 100mA
Flexible installation options, bracket included
Wire Fuse Holder (2A)
Camera dimensions (W x H x D): ca24x24x26 mm
Use as a front camera
The Kenwood CMOS 2)0 is a universal CMOS colour camera
Front and rear camera
With selectable views, it always provides an overview of the rear and front via the monitor
Five views to choose from wide, extra wide, overhead, picture-in-picture and corner
Extensive setting menu with auxiliary lines that can be displayed, which can be individually adjusted in distance, width and angle for better orientation and more accurate distance estimation
Switchable to normal and mirrored display
The wired remote control included
High sensitivity to light
Thanks to the use of a CMOS chip, the camera is highly sensitive to light
short exposure parts
reasonable picture quality even at night

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