SILVER 4x Car Rear Parking Sensors with Buzzer

Car Parking sensors

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SILVER 4x Car Rear Parking Sensors with Buzzer

Silver Colour  (More colours available on backorders)

With this Parking Sensor system installed, drivers can lower the risk of an accident. This affordable parking sensor enhances the process of parallel and backup parking and is designed for your safety concerns and vehicles with poor rear visibility. The system will work automatically to detect the obstacles at the rear of your car at any time. All parts are designed with professional-grade quality.

The system is automatically activated when you engage reverse gear. Small sensors are recessed to the rear of the vehicle, they send and receive ultrasonic radio waves, which bounce off obstacles and alert you to their presence. The internal buzzer gradually increases in frequency as you approach the object.


 How to install? 

  • There is “UP” on the detector, please keep the arrow upwards when installing it;
  • It will be best to install detectors of a height about 50-60cm from the ground;
  • Connect red and black cable separately to the positive/ negative pole of the reversing lamp.

AD10 长

The alarm sound would become more rapid when the distance gets shorter and shorter, alarm mode and danger mode.




  • Voltage: DC 9V-DC 15V
  • Rated voltage: DC 12V
  • Power cost: Max 1.5W
  • Respond distance: 0.4m-2.0m
  • Alarm distance: 0m-2.0m
  • Sensor diameter: 22mm
  • Install mode: drill
  • Sensor angle: X, Y, 60c
  • Work temperature: -30°c-80°c
  • Alarm volume: 65dB


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