TOPDON 4Channel Artiscope Automotive Osciloscope

TOPDON 4Channel Artiscope Automotive Osciloscope

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TOPDON 4Channel Artiscope Automotive Osciloscope

The Topdon diagnostic ArtiScope4000 Automotive Oscilloscope

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The Phoenix Scope enables you to diagnose component and circuit faults with precision. Its colour-coded channels make it easy to analyze and compare multiple components. It helps you fix hard-to-find intermittent problems by evaluating sensors, ignition components, pressure/vacuum-related faults, and much more with pinpoint accuracy.

23 Types of Automatic Measurements
Displayed on one screen and clear at a glance, this feature supports one-tap selection and clearing, eliminating the tediousness of flipping pages and searching, making automatic measurements useful and convenient.

Powerful Trigger Function:

This feature supports edge, pulse width, and other triggers. A simple and intuitive setup with quick trigger source switching makes using the scope’s most complex parts extremely easy.

High Memory Depth
The Phoenix Scope has a memory depth of up to 50M and utilizes zoom technology to display both global and detailed data. It allows users to browse globally in the upper area and search for details in the lower area, which makes debugging more than twice as fast.

Special Fast Storage Function
Unlike ordinary scopes requiring 3 to 5 steps, the Phoenix Scope can save waveforms with just one tap, reducing save time by more than 70%.

Convenient Cursor Operation
You can open horizontal and vertical cursors separately with one tap, and each cursor can be dragged independently. Cursor tracking is achieved directly through a simple highlight tap, increasing overall efficiency by more than 80%.

Soft Keyboard Input
When inputting names and characters, ordinary scopes can only use the knob to select characters one by one. The Phoenix Scope supports soft keyboard input, which improves efficiency by more than 90%.

Customizable and Loadable System Settings
Various preferred system settings are available and can be saved as configuration files. This allows you to load configuration files directly and view them according to your preferences without repeatedly setting them.

Waveform Recording and Playback
The waveform can be recorded and saved in a specified format, which can be directly recalled later and displayed as the reference waveform of the corresponding channel.

Supports Mathematical Operations on Waveforms
This feature supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculations of two-channel waveforms in addition to the Fast Fourier Transform.

Supports a Variety of Automotive Tests
This feature supports circuit tests, sensor tests, actuator tests, ignition tests, communication tests, combination tests, etc. Various parameters and specific connection methods are preset for each kind of test.

Phoenix Scope is compatible with Phoenix Lite 2, Elite, Smart, Remote & Max Lite


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