TOPDON BT200 12V Car Battery Tester Vehicle Cranking Charging Scanner Tool

TOPDON BT200 12V Car Battery Tester Vehicle

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TOPDON BT200 12V Car Battery Tester Vehicle Cranking Charging Scanner Tool

Topdon Car Battery Tester BT200

Using advanced conductance testing technology and reverse polarity protection, TOPDON BT200 serves as a 12V-24V Battery Tester that provides technicians with accurate information about battery health and charging problems, allowing for quick and easy identification and resolution of issues.

The battery type and CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) values are marked on the battery label. Kindly refer to it before using the battery. BT200 supports the following battery types:


2. Regular Flooded

The battery test is designed for 12V batteries, including the cranking and charging tests for both 12V.

Cranking Test

Before Test:
The engine and all other accessory loads must be off during the test for accurate results.

Charging Test

Before the test, please ensure the engine is ON for accurate results. All electrical accessories and devices must remain OFF during the test. Please note that turning ON/OFF any electrical accessories in the vehicle during the test will affect the accuracy of the test results.

Battery Test:

TOPDON will test each battery based on the selected actual system standard and rating marked on the battery to ensure accurate results. Before the test, turning off the engine and all other accessory loads is essential to obtain precise results. If the battery is fully charged, turn on the vehicle headlamps for 2-3 minutes until the battery voltage drops back to the normal value before testing.

Technical Specifications:

Display Resolution:320-240Piels
Cable Reach:.920 mm(36.22inches)
Storage Temperature:-20*C~70*C(-4~158*F)
Working Temperature-20C~60’C(-4~140F)
Dimensions (L·wH):178-94.533 mm(7·3.72+1.3inches)
Weight:440g(097 Ib)


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