Unbranded Wireless DVR Truck 2x Camera with 7inch Monitor Recording Security

Please note: The delivery time 7 working days/Shipping from Ireland


Unbranded Wireless Truck DVR Kit 2x Camera with 7inch Monitor Recording Security


Installation Guide:

1. please turn off FM radio, wifi or other electronic product to avoid the signal interference.

2. Please press the last button on monitor or press video select on remote to AV2 which works for the wireless camera.

3. There are 2 channels for the cameras:2470 and 2410. Please switch each by pressing the 3rd button on monitor or pressing model Select on remote

4. For maximum signal point the antennas towards each other

5. Keep monitor and camera at least the distance of 2 meters(about 78.7”). or camera and monitor will interfere with each other

6. The IR camera has night vision, it will turn red when light is low

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