VIBE Amplifier 3000W POWERBOX1500.1P-V0

Car Amplifier 3000W

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VIBE Amplifier 3000W POWERBOX1500.1P-V0


The new Powerbox Pro amplifiers were created from the need to have a perfect range of amplifiers to power our range of Pro audio speakers and also any subwoofers in the VIBE range.

The amps use Full Bridge technology, invented in Japan decades ago but adopted and used in abundance in Brazil over the last 10 years for their monster party and sound clash style creations.

This Full Bridge technology is even more efficient than traditional Class D we are able to shrink the amps footprint even further giving massive power in a tiny print.

All 3 models come in mono application with Full range frequency output, Yes Full range! This means these amps can be used to drive any driver whether that is mid-low or high.

Configuration Full range Monoblock

Dimensions (H x W x D) 2.6” x 7.3” x 9.2” (66 x 185 x 233mm)

RMS @ 4Ω 400 watts

RMS @ 2Ω 650 watts

RMS @ 1Ω 1500 watts

Maximum Power 3000 watts

Frequency Response 15Hz – 50kHz

Crossover Type LP / HP / Flat

Crossover Range 15Hz – 80Hz

Topology Full Range Class D

Built-in active crossovers
Bass boost circuit
Ultra-efficient Class D topology
Wideband frequency up to 20kHz
Full bridge technology
Compact footprint

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