KENWOOD DNR992RVS 10.1” Touchscreen Multimedia with built-in Garmin Navigation / CarPlay


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KENWOOD DNR992RVS 10.1” Touchscreen Head Unit with built-in Garmin SAT NAV

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Available on backorder

KENWOOD DNR992RVS 10.1” Touchscreen Multimedia with built-in Garmin Navigation / CarPlay

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With Garmin map data for mobile homes, cars and trucks with 10.1 inch HD display, digital radio DAB+ & smartphone connection

Key Features

  • 25.7 cm (10.1″) HD display with “OPTICAL BONDING” technology
  • Integrated Garmin navigation system, especially for camper vans, trucks and cars
  • New pre-installed POI database from Campercontact, especially for motorhomes
  • Free map updates for 3 years after activation
  • Continuous screen tilt (-10° to 45°)
  • Anti-reflective and anti-glare screen surface
  • Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Wireless mirroring for compatible Android smartphones
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to connect a compatible smartphone via USB
  • Spotify via CarPlay/Android Auto
  • HDMI/MHL input for connecting the latest smartphones for audio/video transmission (iPhone 5, MHL-capable Android smartphones)
  • Integrated digital radio receiver including uninterrupted switching back and forth between DAB and FM (seamless blending), slide show function
  • Bluetooth hands-free kit for hands-free (HFP 1.7) & A2DP (incl. AVRCP 1.5), incl. cable microphone
  • 2 telephones can be coupled in parallel
  • 3 audio streaming devices can be connected simultaneously (Kenwood Music Mix)
  • Detachable rear USB cable for audio and video data (MPEG1/2/4 H.264, WMV, FLAC, WAV, AAC, WMA and MP3 audio data)
  • iPod/iPhone* control via USB with up to 1.5 amp charging capability
  • RDS tuner with 20 preset stations, “Radio Text Plus.”
  • HD camera input for front/rear camera (optional CMOS-740HD)
  • 4 camera inputs
  • Adjustable parking guidelines for reversing cameras can be displayed
  • Sound processor with 13-band graphic equalizer, time correction and digital crossover
  • Parametric EQ
  • Hi-Res Audio Playback (WAV and FLAC files from USB up to 192kHz/24bit)
  • Wireless High Res Audio (LDAC)
  • 3 preamp outputs (front, rear, sub) with 5 volts

Special features of the special navigation software for motorhomes

Individual settings
Restrictions and warnings for operation in large vehicles or trucks can be switched on and off or adjusted. In this way, individual warnings can be suppressed while other messages are displayed.

Different vehicle profiles
In addition to the special navigation software for large vehicles, the distinction between motorhomes and trucks in particular, brings enormous advantages. For example, some route sections are not approved for rush hour traffic or are closed to trucks. To be able to calculate the ideal route for your vehicle, all relevant data such as height, weight, length, etc. are saved and included in the route calculation.

Warnings and warning messages
The DNR992RVS draws attention to warnings with a yellow bar. Warnings are issued for, for example, tight bends, sections at risk from side winds, the danger of ground contact, steep gradients or inclines. Upcoming alerts are also announced in advance with a gray field on the left edge of the screen.

Lane assistant & photo-realistic representation of intersections
The lane assistant shows the correct lane at larger junctions or intersections. In addition, a photo-realistic intersection view ensures optimal orientation when changing lanes. Thanks to the split-screen mode, this orientation aid can also be displayed in addition to the route view.

POI data from Campercontact
The extensive Campercontact database is already integrated in the POI data of the Garmin navigation system of the DNR992RVS and allows you to search for pitches or campsites conveniently. The database includes over 38,000 addresses in 58 countries. The route guidance can be activated directly from the database.

3 years of free map updates
For the map material of the Garmin navigation used in all Kenwood navigation
A paid update is released once a year. The new Kenwood Navitainer can be updated free of charge with the download version available on the Garmin website after a one-time, automatic activation after the first use for 3 years. You can find detailed instructions at http://www.kenwood.de/support/onlineupdate/

10.1 inch HD display with “OPTICAL BONDING” technology
The large 10.1-inch (25.7 cm diagonal) LCD delivers brilliant colours with high contrast and impressive sharpness. Equipped with a state-of-the-art electrostatic capacitive touch panel, an HD LCD panel with 1280 x 720 (720P) resolution, and a white LED backlight impresses with high luminance and excellent wide viewing angles. The optical bonding technology used in the DNR992RVS enables the touch panel and display to be connected to form a single unit through different adhesive technologies. During the bonding process, the air gap between the touch panel and the display is replaced by a transparent adhesive in the clean room to ensure error-free touch functionality. At the same time, reflections are reduced and readability is improved.

Apple CarPlay
CarPlay – the smart and safe way to use your iPhone in the car. With KENWOOD, this type of iPhone integration is raised to a new level: voice commands are reliably implemented via the Siri function. Alternatively, the large buttons can be used to control Apple Maps, phone functions or the music player. With the latest iOS version (iOS 12.0 and higher), navigation applications such as Google Maps™ and Waze™ are also supported. Thanks to the WiFi function of the DNR992RVS, Apple smartphones can even be connected wirelessly. (compatible smartphone required).

Android Wireless Mirroring
Thanks to the WiFi function of the DNR992RVS monicker, the connection can be made easily and wirelessly via Android Wireless Mirroring. This gives you quick and easy access to all apps via the touchscreen, including navigation and music.

Android Auto
Users of an Android-based smartphone can conveniently take their familiar smartphone environment with them into the car thanks to “Android Auto” developed by Google. The Android Auto user interface is designed for effortless and intuitive operations. Many Android Auto applications can also be operated comfortably without taking your hands off the steering wheel using voice control as an alternative to control using the generously dimensioned touch buttons. Searching for a telephone contact and starting a call without pressing a button on the monicker or smartphone is even possible. The ability to dictate and the read-aloud function for SMS round off the convenient communication features of Android Auto. In addition to accessing the music library of the connected smartphone, it is also possible to use the “Google Play Music” streaming service. The tried-and-tested “Google Maps” is used for navigating with Android Auto and allows precise, voice-assisted route guidance, including integrating current traffic data, clear lane guidance and many other additional functions. In addition to the basic applications,
many other apps are compatible with Android Auto. They can expand the range of functions to include messaging, Internet radio, or other compatible apps. Android Auto is designed for use with Android smartphones from OS 5.0 (Lollipop). The smartphone is connected via a USB cable, also used to charge the smartphone during operation.

Wireless Hi.Res Audio
High-Resolution Audio is a format with sound quality that exceeds the CD standard! Hi-Res audio captures all the details of your favourite music and brings your favourite tracks to life! Thanks to a particularly wide imaging spectrum, including extraordinarily high and particularly low frequencies, you can immerse yourself in a spectacularly realistic listening experience. The DNR992RVS supports Hi-Res audio wirelessly via LDAC. LDAC is an audio coding technology enabling Hi-Res audio to be transmitted over Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
The Bluetooth module allows safe and convenient phone calls while driving. The supplied external microphone and sophisticated sound processing with suppression of echoes and background noise ensures the voice quality. The possibility of connecting two telephones simultaneously and operating them in parallel is particularly practical. With the new “Kenwood Music Mix” function, up to 5 phones can be connected in parallel to play music. The AVRCP 1.5 profile with extended control and search functions, including display of title, artist, album, etc. is used for audio streaming via A2DP. Thanks to touch menus, operating all Bluetooth functions is child’s play. Access to the cell phone’s phone book is just as possible as the callback function.

Kenwood Remote S
The Kenwood Remote S app turns compatible Android and Apple smartphones into a comprehensive remote control for compatible Kenwood conceivers. The app is controlled via large touch buttons for basic commands such as pause or skip to title via the app on the smartphone. The Kenwood Remote S App is available free of charge from the Google Playstore and the App Store.

DSP with digital runtime correction
The diverse, digital audio functions of the Kenwood monicker help to implement the brilliant sound of the 24-bit D/A converter ideally, even under difficult acoustic conditions in the car. In addition to a 13-band equalizer or an active digital crossover, features such as the “Stage EQ” also help to make music playback in the car as realistic and true to the original as possible. In addition, the digital sound processor enables time correction for correct music playback and can be set individually for each channel.

Parametric EQ
With this equalizer you can
make professional sound adjustments to achieve your vehicle’s best sound quality.
Thanks to a wide range of customization options and finely adjustable high and
Low-pass filters turn your vehicle into your own personal concert hall!

4 camera inputs
With four camera inputs, the DNR992RVS offers maximum comfort, flexibility and security. For example, a front camera, the Kenwood Dashcam DRV-N520, a reversing camera and mirror cameras can be connected to the camera inputs. Alternatively, other configurations, such as connecting two exterior mirror cameras, a front and a reversing camera, are also supported.

Technical specifications

General Features

  • DIN size 2 DIN
  • Optional security code Yes
  • Selectable GUI background display Yes
  • Key illumination Variable colour setting
  • Dial & Control Knob Yes
  • Touch sensor yes
  • Installer Memory Yes
  • Backup memory Yes
  • Level reduction with linear volume up Yes
  • IR remote control ready Yes, KCA-RCDV340
  • Digital time (24H) Yes

Features GUI

  • Firmware update (SoC) via USB
  • Presentation graphics
  • Individual main menu Yes
  • Multi Widgets Multi (up to 4), Clock, Weather & Photo Widget
  • Animated user interface Yes
  • Multi-touch function Yes, (Garmin navigation)
  • Automatic rearview camera pop-up (R-CAM interrupt) Yes
  • Reversing Camera – Warning Yes
  • Rear Camera Parking Guides Yes, Customizable
  • Automatic switching front camera (adjustable) Yes
  • Front view camera mirror Yes
  • Dash Cam Control Yes
  • Selectable menu language 22 languages: English(UK)(default), English(US), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Greek, Malaysian, Indonesian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian.

Features display

  • Dashboard mounting
  • Screen 10.1 inch HD screen (1280 x 720p)
  • LCD backlight LED
  • Display mode 3 modes (Full(Default)/Auto/Normal)
  • Picture Settings Day/Night Mem/Brightness/Color/Contrast
  • Day/night display switching Manual / Sync / Navigation-synchronized
  • Dimmer function Sync / On / Off
  • Video Sources Mirroring/CarPlay/Android Auto.
  • Touch Screen Capacitive
  • display foil anti-fingerprint / anti-reflection / anti-glare)
  • High Definition Display Yes
  • Display mechanism Floating screen
  • Adjustable tilt angle -10° ~ +45°
  • Adjustable depth of the display 20mm (fixed by screws)
  • Adjustable display height 39mm (fixed by screws)
  • Automatic NTSC/PAL switching automatically
  • Display that can be switched off Yes

Features Audio

  • Max. output power 4 x 50W
  • Preamp output 3 preamp outputs (Front/Rear/SUB)
  • Output level of the preamp output 5V
  • Volume Offset Yes
  • 2 Zone Audio Control Yes
  • Level reduction (-20dB) with linear volume fade-up Yes

Features DSP

  • DSP chip AK7738
  • Adjusting the listening position Yes
  • Preset of listening area 4 memories
  • Positioning of the listening area Yes
  • Parametric Graphic Equalizer Yes
  • Equalizer bands 13
  • Pre-programmed equalizer settings Yes
  • Manual setting options Yes
  • High Pass Filter Yes
  • Low-pass filter setting “Non-Fading”
  • 3-way crossover Yes
  • Individual storage of DSP settings for each program source Yes
  • Separate audio level adjustment for each channel Yes
  • Space Enhancer Yes
  • supreme yes
  • Realizer Yes
  • Loud Yes
  • Stage EQ Yes
  • Bass boost function Yes
  • Drive EQ+ Yes
  • Speaker size setting Yes
  • Listening position control / time alignment Yes

Features video

  • Audio video output Yes, video: cinch, audio: mini jack
  • Audio/Video input Yes, AV input or camera input (selectable)
  • HDMI input Yes
  • Video input for reversing camera 1
  • Recognition of the video signal of the reversing camera Interface for reversing sensor
  • Overlay of parking lines Yes

Features Tuner

  • FM reception Yes
  • AM (MW/LW) reception Yes
  • Station memory (FM/MW) 20 memories (15FM / 5MW)
  • Channel Tuning (Auto 1 / Auto 2 / Manual) Auto1 / Auto2 / Manual
  • Up/down channel search Yes
  • Automatic Station Storage (AME) Yes
  • FM Stereo/Mono Switching Yes
  • Radio Data System Yes
  • Radio Text Plus Yes
  • Traffic information Yes
  • Local Search Yes
  • Automatic traffic station search Yes
  • Enhanced Other Networks Yes
  • Program Type Recognition (PTY) Yes

Equipment features DAB

  • Digital Radio Certification Mark Yes
  • DAB/DAB+ Band Band III
  • DAB/DAB+ modes I, II, III, IV
  • Automatic channel search Yes
  • Channel search Auto1 / Auto2 / Manual
  • Number of station storage locations 15 bands * 1 storage location
  • Channel list in alphabetical order Yes
  • Station memory list Yes
  • Alphabetical station search Yes
  • Traffic information Yes
  • Automatic DAB-FM switching Yes
  • Digital radio with Seamless Blending Yes
  • DLS (Dynamic Label) – text information that is broadcast in addition to the audio signal by the respective station. Yes
  • PTY (Program Type) Search Yes
  • PTY (Program Type) Monitoring Yes
  • Output of messages (ASW-Select) Yes
  • DMB Audio (Digital multimedia broadcasting) Yes
  • Soft link Yes
  • External antenna power on/off switch Yes

Playable audio files

  • Playback of AAC files USB/SD
  • AAC files are playable USB/SD
  • Playback of MP3 files USB/SD
  • Playback of WMA files USB/SD
  • Playback of WAV files USB/SD
  • Playback of FLAC files USB/SD
  • Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) files are playable USB/SD
  • DSD high-resolution audio format USB/SD

Playable video files

  • Playback of MPEG1/2 video files USB/SD
  • Playback of MPEG4 video files USB/SD
  • Playback WMV video files USB/SD
  • Play H.264 video files USB/SD
  • Playback mkv files USB/SD
  • Playback of JPEG image files USB/SD
  • Playback of BMP image files USB/SD
  • Playback PNG image files USB/SD

Features USB

  • The USB port on the back Yes, pigtail (20cm)
  • USB standard 2.0 high speed
  • USB extension cable included 1x 1 meter Yes
  • Drive Change Yes
  • Tag Information Display Yes
  • Album Art Display Yes
  • Repeat / Shuffle Yes
  • Category search Yes
  • Link Search Yes
  • Resume Play Yes
  • Game time indicator Yes

Features iPod

  • Connection via: USB / BT / Wifi
  • Made for iPhone Yes
  • Album Cover Display Yes
  • Search by first letter (Alphabet Search) Yes
  • Skip Search Yes
  • iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP) iAP2
  • Supports Apple CarPlay Wireless or via USB

Features Android smartphone connection

  • Connection USB/Wifi/Bluetooth
  • Apple CarPlay Yes
  • Android Open Accessory Protocol Yes

Features SD card

  • Max capacity 2000GB
  • Repeat Play Folder/Files/All
  • Shuffle Folder
  • Game time indicator Yes
  • Resume Play Yes

Features Bluetooth: General

  • Hands-Free HFP (Hands-Free Profile) V1.7
  • 2 phones connectable at the same time Yes
  • Audio data transfer A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) Yes, (SBC/AAC)
  • Serial data transmission (SPP – Serial Port Profile) Yes
  • Simple Secure Pairing Yes
  • Access to Phone Book (PBAP) Yes
  • AVRCP Profile Yes, V1.6
  • Multi Profile Support Yes
  • iPhone & Android automatic pairing via USB Yes
  • Remote controllable via KENWOOD Remote App available in the App Store & Play store
  • KENWOOD Portal App Ready Yes
  • KENWOOD Music Mix Function Yes
  • Private Mode Yes
  • Call waiting Yes
  • Alphabetical search (phone book) Yes
  • Voice control yes
  • Noise reduction yes
  • Echo canceller Yes

Features Network & WiFi

  • Integrated WiFi Yes
  • Frequency range dual band (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
  • IEEE standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Features Navigation

  • Map data from Garmin Yes
  • Touch Panel Control Yes
  • Can be operated with IR remote control Yes
  • Graphic resolution HD
  • Hard disk with detailed maps OEM CN Europe NTU 2022 ALL North
  • Hard disk with detailed maps OEM CN Europe NTU 2022 ALL South
  • Map software update via download to SD card
  • Free map updates 3 years after initial activation (activation period starts after driving 20 km for the first time)
  • Starting position Depends on the locale setting
  • Three-dimensional map view (3D) Yes
  • Two-dimensional map view (2D) Yes
  • Switchable screen display (Primary/Secondary) Yes
  • Automatic map scale (auto zoom function) Yes
  • language selectable
  • Text Language Selectable
  • Selectable keyboard language
  • Keyboard layout QWERTY or ABCDE
  • TTS voice guidance (spoken street names and driving directions) Yes
  • voice guidance yes
  • Destination search function Keyboard, POI’s (Car/Truck/RV/user), Map, Coordinates, ….
  • Destination search according to different criteria Yes, faster / shorter / lower fuel consumption
  • Automatic route recalculation Yes
  • Waypoints yes
  • TMC traffic information Yes
  • Graphic user interface Yes
  • ECO Navigation Yes
  • Lane Assistant Yes
  • Photorealistic renderings Yes
  • Half junction view Yes
  • Photorealistic intersection Yes
  • 3D Traffic Yes
  • 3D Terrain Yes
  • 3D Landmarks & buildings Yes
  • Globe View Yes
  • Unicode support (worldwide) Yes
  • Multi Route Display Yes
  • Local Signage and Auto Text Yes
  • Local map settings and display Yes
  • My Trends Yes
  • Maximum speed display Yes
  • Fast Routing & Mapping Yes
  • Map Buttons and Map Tools Yes
  • “Door to Door” Navigation Yes
  • Points of Interest (POI) Yes, more than 6 million
  • Custom POI’s Yes
  • Intelligent POI search Yes
  • POI Call Button Yes
  • Custom “Where To” Menu Yes
  • Search bar with predictions Yes
  • Browse POIs on the map Yes
  • Birds Eye Lane Assist Yes
  • Turn-by-turn directions Yes
  • Day/night switching Yes, manual/automatic
  • Automatic recalculation when leaving the route Yes
  • Route preferences selectable Yes
  • GPS Status Indicator Yes
  • Customizable vehicle profile Yes
  • Phone call via POI search Yes
  • Phone number search Yes
  • Dash Cam Playback Link Yes

Truck and RV Navigation

  • Truck/camper navigation Yes
  • Truck and RV Profile Yes
  • Truck-specific routing Yes
  • Truck POI’s Yes
  • Enable / Disable Restrictions Yes
  • Customizable Alert Messages Yes
  • Pause/Resume Display Yes
  • Display of truck rest areas along the itinerary Yes
  • Environmental zones yes
  • Recreational Vehicle Profile Yes
  • ACSI campsites Yes
  • NKC campsites POI Yes
  • HERE campsites POI Yes
  • Sunrise/Sunset Info Yes
  • POI Disclaimer Yes
  • Visual/audio speeding warning Yes


  • USB connection 1 x on the back
  • SD card slot Yes
  • Connection for OEM steering wheel remote control Yes, optional interface is required
  • OEM display control Yes
  • Power connector 22pin to ISO
  • Parking sensor cable Yes
  • Switching Voltage Connector (P. CON.) Yes
  • Connection for speed signal Yes
  • Video out RCA x1
  • Connection for reverse line Yes
  • Separate connection for reversing camera Dedicated RCA video-in
  • Connection for reversing camera selectable: front/dashcam input
  • 3rd View Camera input Yes
  • HD Camera Input Front & Rear Camera Input
  • Multiview Camera Control Line Yes
  • Dash Cam Link Yes
  • HDMI input type A
  • GPS antenna input HRS GT5-1S connector
  • FM/AM antenna connector JASO connector
  • DAB antenna connection SMB connection
  • Connection for hands-free microphone 3.5mm mini-jack

Specifications Audio

  • Maximum power 50W x 4
  • Output power (DIN45324, +B=14.4V) 22W x 4
  • Output frequency band 20Hz ~ 88kHz
  • Output level 5000 mV / 10 kOhm
  • Preamp output impedance 300 ohms
  • Speaker impedance 4 ohms ~ 8 ohms

Network & WiFi Specifications

  • Wifi IEEE standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Wifi frequency range 2.4 – 5 GHz

Specifications Navigation

  • ReceiverGNNS receiver
  • System start < 26 sec
  • Update 1 per second, continuous
  • Position accuracy < 2 meters – under normal conditions
  • Velocity determination 0.05 meters/sec (RMS)
  • Position determination GPS / GLONASS
  • Antenna External GNNS antenna

Technical data General

  • Operating voltage 12V DC car battery
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 1748 x 100 x 155 mm
  • Weight 3250g.
  • User manual Multilingual quick start guide
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