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10 Tools Every Home Mechanic Needs In His Garage

Car mechanics reveal the 10 automotive tools they couldn’t live without. Check the Top 10 Automotive Tools Mechanic Need in the Garage.

You’re a handyman. Of course, you are.

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with changing your own motor oil in the car, replacing the air filter, and replacing the headlights yourself. But there comes a point when every DIY mechanic decides to for more challenging projects to do.

When that happens, you need a more sophisticated lineup of tools in your garage. Sure, you have a few screwdrivers, some duct tape, a pair of pliers, and an adjustable wrench, but you can’t expect to tackle the tough stuff with just the basics.

For many of us, the biggest barrier to working on our car is not poor patience or even lack of knowledge but insufficient equipment. Like a good mechanic, you will need plenty of specific equipment. Don’t worry many of us started with a small toolbox and some screwdrivers. Let’s look at some of the essential tools in the garage you will need.


01. Impact Wrench

No more dealing with corroded lug nuts and finicky bolts—impact wrenches blast loose even the most resistant parts.


02. OBDII Code Reader


Now It’s time to show the “check engine” light who’s the boss. It can cost around 70€ just to have your local mechanic run a diagnostic test for you. On the other hand,  allows you to diagnose the problem yourself. This code reader works on just about every car built over 1996. There is many of them available in all price range. All Diagnostic OBDII Scanner tools you can buy in Ireland here.

AUTEL AP200M OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool OBDII
AUTEL AP200M OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool OBDII

Autel MaxiPRO MP808 (1)


03. Creeper

Forget carpet pads. Forget cardboard boxes Graduate to the Creeper. This one has an adjustable headrest that keeps you at the perfect angle during work.



04. Vise Grips

We’ve all been there before: a rusted nut won’t turn, a screw gets stripped, or a flange bends. It might be a great idea to pick up a set of pliers and a few smaller vice-grips for other smaller jobs, too.


05. Torque Wrench

For tightening a nut or bolt just right, there’s no better tool than the torque wrench.


06. Grinder

The projects rarely go as planned. Sometimes the part that’s supposed to fit doesn’t. Other times you need a slightly bigger hole than you thought. Sure, These problems can usually be fixed with a simple grinder.


07. Hydraulic Floor Jack and Stands

You need to jack up your car for more than you think from changing your tires to installing new brake pads. It is a simple and safe way to do just that.


08. Flashlight


If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it. A flashlight or bonnets light will always come in handy.


09. Mechanics Tool Set


The tools set will be your everyday best friend. You’ll put some tools through the wringer over the years in your garage.


10. Drill/driver and Set of Bits


No garage is complete without a good power drill and a set of bits to accompany it.